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N.O.C.™ - Natures Odor Control

Natures Odor Control (N.O.C.)

I am searching for a product that I could use on the lawn, having five dogs which occupy this space, I would like to disinfect safely. We clean up daily after them, however, simply rinsing once soiled spots just does not seem to be sanitary. Can you offer some suggestions? Nick,Read about the NOC, it even helps make the grass grow.This is what the breeders use in their dog runs and yards. Best to call me and I can give
you more information and instructions.

Carpets – Washing Machines – Kitchens

AllPurpose Granule

All Purpose Granule

For new, old or ongoing odor problems. 100% natural, environmentally safe and harmless to humans, animals and plants. All Purpose Granule eliminates odors instead of covering them up, caused by smoke, pets, mildew, drains, food spills, perfumes, mold, bacteria, cooking, paint, etc. New carpet can emit various noxious gasses (such as formaldehyde, ammonia and hydrogensulfide) when first installed, that are objectionable to some.

Use on carpets, area rugs, bare wood or tile floors. Also use in: washing machines to deodorize clothes, diaper pails, garbage disposals and ashtrays.

For areas soiled by pet urine use dba N.O.G.C. Pet Odor Elimination Kit.

All Purpose Granules works like a magnetic odor sponge. A natural electric charge draws odors into and onto acres of crystal micro channels trapping the odor molecules which enables the material to adsorb phenomenal amount of odors.

Vintage clothes

I bought a costume that was stored in a dry cleaning bag for several years. I read somewhere that spirits water on the fabric and layering zeolite rocks for a few days would pull out the stale smell. Is this true? Is so, which of your products would work best?
I’ve used Febreze on it which helped a little, but the strong scent is still there.
Thanks, Melissa Gracey
The Febreze has a odor of it’s on, so all it did was cover or mask the odor.
You always have to use products that have no odor. Eliminate odor, don’t try to cover it up, when the
cover up odor is gone, you are left with your original odor.

You can spray Natures Air on the item, first.
Then use the All Purpose Granule or Odor Crushing Packs.
The All Purpose Granule can also be used in the washing machine and the garbage disposal.

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Thank you for your question, and I am here to help.
Sheryl Jay Lobdell

Pet Powder – Eliminates Odor – Animals in Heat

Pet Powder will eliminate body odor, fleas, and ticks. Works to eliminate all types of bacterial heat and hormonal problems. Pet Powder instantly attracts and traps odor molecules given off by bitches in heat. Hormones given off by animals are highly polarized and can be quickly adsorbed by the negative charge of natural zeolite. Pet Powder is a natural zeolite mineral that works on all types of odors as well, without causing any irritations or sensitivity to the animal. Breeders and show participants have had great success in controlling animals in heat with an application of Pet Powder to the gland area.
The powder is also soothing and relieves the itching of  hot spots on animals. It is 100% natural zeolite mineral, safe to use on any animal. Simple to use, just apply directly to odor source as needed. Apply directly to hot spots as needed.
Eliminates skunk odor completely when used with N. O. C. ™ (Natures Odor Control™) on pets or humans.
Apply liberally to pet and brush into coat for body odor, flea and tick control at least twice a week.
The Carpet Granule is used in the carpet for problems with fleas and ticks.

Dog in heat: This powder is absolutely fabulous. It’s safe to sprinkle on dogs after expressing anal glands and a must for a bitch in season – just sprinkle down her rear and repeat every time she comes back in from exercising. It won’t prevent breeding but will virtually eliminate stress in your males.

Use on cotton balls in bitch’s britches, and not even the other dogs in the house or in the vehicle will know she is in season. Of course, you cannot allow them together.


Mildew in carpet

Mold & Mildew in carpet:

Use the B.O.S.S. and Germ Doc. – Two-step process:

1. Spray B.O.S.S. on carpet and wait 30 minutes.
2. Spray Germ Doc.  on carpet until very wet; wait 45 minutes, then clean carpet as usual.
Dry very fast with fans.

Subject: mildew
Hi, My name is Marsha and I have a Question for you. I have a wooden futon and somehow the carpet got wet under one of the legs. When I moved the futon I noticed a black mark in the carpet where the leg was. I am guessing it is mildew. It is also on the bottom of the leg of the futon. It is just a small patch of mildew, what would you use for this problem?
Thank you, Marsha
Marsha, you would use the Germ Doc.  and B.O.S.S. I am sending you some extra material as an attachment. Call me if you have more questions.

Makeing Life Easier with NOGC PRODUCTS


Hope this finds you well.  I got my order a couple of days ago and went to work on the litter boxes.  I used the BOSS first on the box to kill the odor in the plastic, then I put the Critter Litter in the

B.O.S.S. #1 Odor & Stain Stopper

Bacterial Odor & Stain Stopper ™

bottom of the box, then litter on top . Oh what a difference your products make.  I have passed this information on to other cat lovers as well.

Critter Litter Additive

Critter Litter

Thanks again,

The Wonderful B.O.S.S.

B.O.S.S. #1 Odor & Stain Stopper

Bacterial Odor & Stain Stopper ™

To the BOSS! – I love your product and have used it since 1996. It does what you say it will do. Now I need to purchase again and am in hopes I can find it in Portland, OR.  Fondly – Mary


Hello! I just placed an order for a gallon of NOC. I am a long-time customer. We love your products and will probably have to buy a lot more if we can’t get the cat to go to the right toilet! I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t there for us!

N.O.C.™ - Natures Odor Control

Natures Odor Control (N.O.C.)


Carpet Stains

Sheryl, thank you so, so much for the detailed instructions to clean my carpet stain. It didn’t take long at all for the BOSS to get the stain out. I was so afraid I would have to replace the entire

B.O.S.S. #1 Odor & Stain Stopper

Bacterial Odor & Stain Stopper ™

carpet. Now……let’s hope I have the same good results tomorrow when I work on the grout stains!

Thanks again!


Mold/Mildew problems in wood and mattresses

My Story: My son room was a very dark, cool, moist room where we had a lot of mold/mildew problems. His room has since been completely gutted, no more carpet, new walls, ceiling, floors, insulation, etc. in hopes that we have fixed the cause of the problem. However, in the process, the wooden bunk beds and mattresses seem to have absorbed the horrible odor of mold or mildew (even though there are no obvious signs of growth). I really do hope that I could save this furniture but if I can’t get rid of that lingering smell I can’t see chancing it. (My son has asthma and I would not be able to subject him to this.) After reading about your products I was hoping I could spray the wooden bed frames and underside of mattresses with the Germ Doc.  Is this product safe for wood and fibers and is this the right choice?

Odorless, Disinfectant, Deodorizer, Sanitizer


Thank you for your consideration, Of course it means everything to me to eliminate this problem!  Renee.
Yes, you can save this furniture.You would spray Germ Doc  on the furniture and wait 10 minutes. Then with a soft cloth that has had Germ Doc sprayed on it, wipe all down. The second thing to do for the mattresses, take the All Purpose Granules and sprinkle (heavy) on the mattress. If you need to, you can put the mattress cover and sheets over this. You want to leave this on the mattress for 6 days. Now, turn the mattress over and do the other side. The All Purpose Granule is going to pull the odor, etc., out of the inside material. Our Odor Crushing Packs would be good in his room for picking up the new construction odors and chemical smells.

AllPurpose Granule

All Purpose Granule

Hi. I had a septic system backup…

1.Subject: Product inquiry

Hi. I had a septic system backup…1st floor toilet overflowed big time on floor (linoleum) and partially on basement wall & floor (concrete). Bathroom floor is part of basement ceiling. I’ve used a variety of products; however, the odor far outlasts any products  effectiveness. The odor wafts throughout the house. Do you have a product to eliminate the odor problem permanently?
Thanks, Walt

Yes, because our products have no odor of their own, not a cover up. B.O.S.S. kills bacteria and you can see it working. Germ Doc.  Is a disinfectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer. We also use N O C Germ Doc™ - Natures Air™ - N.O.C.™ - B.O.S.S.™whenever we are dealing with concrete (anytime you have to penetrate it). Give me more information, as square footage, and I can help you more.

See Solutions at

Heating a pan of barbecued pork on a burner and got distracted

I was heating a pan of barbecued pork on a burner and got distracted. When I returned, all the liquid had boiled away and putrid white smoke was billowing all around my stove, into cabinets above and beside the stovetop. It’s a nauseating, disgusting smell. We’ve also had a stomach flu in our household, and the smell isn’t helping us get over it! I washed all the glassware in the D. W., glass shelves and insides of the one cupboard, set dishes of baking soda inside with the doors closed and checked the next day Still smells absolutely awful. I opened it to let it air out overnight and I still can’t get the smell out. I haven’t even tackled the cabinet above, which has boxed grocery items, i.e .teabags, crackers, etc. I’m sure I’ll have to throw those things out. My question is, do you (honestly, now) think your Nature’s Air? product will work on this type of smoke odor, or is the smoke odor you talk about from cigarette smoke? I’m thinking I may need to contact my homeowners insurance agent and see if we can make a claim for smoke damage. I can’t live like this. Please advise.Thank you, Melissa

Thank you for your question.
My first question, what type of pan was your food in? Yes, we can get rid of the odor, but I need to ask a few more questions. Is this a cooking odor or a chemical odor? Some times we use two products in a situation like this. What state do you live in? Are you near us in Portland, Oregon? Is there a way to talk to you on the phone? We are in the Pacific Time zone. One good thing, our products have no odor, so you are not covering up the odor. No,you do not have to throw away the food in boxes. If you would be using Germ Doc. in your home you could get well faster. Ask if you have a question. Let me hear from you soon,