Vintage clothes

I bought a costume that was stored in a dry cleaning bag for several years. I read somewhere that spirits water on the fabric and layering zeolite rocks for a few days would pull out the stale smell. Is this true? Is so, which of your products would work best?
I’ve used Febreze on it which helped a little, but the strong scent is still there.
Thanks, Melissa Gracey
The Febreze has a odor of it’s on, so all it did was cover or mask the odor.
You always have to use products that have no odor. Eliminate odor, don’t try to cover it up, when the
cover up odor is gone, you are left with your original odor.

You can spray Natures Air on the item, first.
Then use the All Purpose Granule or Odor Crushing Packs.
The All Purpose Granule can also be used in the washing machine and the garbage disposal.

The page links to these products are below:

Thank you for your question, and I am here to help.
Sheryl Jay Lobdell