Pet Powder – Eliminates Odor – Animals in Heat

Pet Powder will eliminate body odor, fleas, and ticks. Works to eliminate all types of bacterial heat and hormonal problems. Pet Powder instantly attracts and traps odor molecules given off by bitches in heat. Hormones given off by animals are highly polarized and can be quickly adsorbed by the negative charge of natural zeolite. Pet Powder is a natural zeolite mineral that works on all types of odors as well, without causing any irritations or sensitivity to the animal. Breeders and show participants have had great success in controlling animals in heat with an application of Pet Powder to the gland area.
The powder is also soothing and relieves the itching of  hot spots on animals. It is 100% natural zeolite mineral, safe to use on any animal. Simple to use, just apply directly to odor source as needed. Apply directly to hot spots as needed.
Eliminates skunk odor completely when used with N. O. C. ™ (Natures Odor Control™) on pets or humans.
Apply liberally to pet and brush into coat for body odor, flea and tick control at least twice a week.
The Carpet Granule is used in the carpet for problems with fleas and ticks.

Dog in heat: This powder is absolutely fabulous. It’s safe to sprinkle on dogs after expressing anal glands and a must for a bitch in season – just sprinkle down her rear and repeat every time she comes back in from exercising. It won’t prevent breeding but will virtually eliminate stress in your males.

Use on cotton balls in bitch’s britches, and not even the other dogs in the house or in the vehicle will know she is in season. Of course, you cannot allow them together.