Cats & Fleas

To: Ron & Sheryl Lobdell ,

dba N.O.G.C., Inc.

From: Karen Salazar

Date: July 17, 2013

Subject: Cats & Fleas

This year has been an especially bad year for us regarding fleas. I tried to rid my cats of fleas by using a chemical that you apply to the back of their neck. I was devastated when they both became ill and began losing their hair due to that chemical. I wasn’t sure what else to do for them at that point, because I didn’t want to make them more ill. Now, not only were the fleas still there, but they had also spread into the house. On top of that, my husband, daughter, and granddaughter are all allergic to them. I kept trying different natural products, but didn’t have any luck. After a lot of frustration and even more money spent, I still had the problem. Finally, I came across dba N.O.G.C. products. I spoke with Sheryl Lobdell and asked her for something to help diminish our flea problem. She was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful! I purchased the Pet Powder and also the All Purpose Granule. I spread the Granules in each room of my house and left them there for seven days, and then vacuumed them up. Then in a day or two I spread them again and let them set for another three days before vacuuming it up. In addition, I bathed and powdered the cats with the Pet Powder. And now….no more fleas!!!!

Thank you, Sheryl for your willingness to help and for your support. We are extremely grateful.


Karen Salazar

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