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PET POWDER     Body Odor, Fleas, Ticks

Dogs In Heat, Skunk Spray

Ears Dry, Clean, Healthy

 Pet Powder instantly attracts and traps odor molecules given off by a dog in heat. These odors given off by animals are highly polarized and can be quickly adsorbed by the negative charge.  Our dog breeders and show participants have shown great success in controlling animals in a season (dog in heat) with an application of Natural Pet Powder to the rear of a bitch showing signs of a bitch in season. 

Dog in heat: Pet  Powder by N.O.G.C. is absolutely fabulous. It’s safe to sprinkle on dogs after expressing anal glands and a must for a bitch in season – just sprinkle down her rear and repeat every time she comes back in from exercising. It won’t prevent breeding but will virtually eliminate stress in your males.

Use on cotton balls in bitch’s britches, and not even the other dogs in the house or in the vehicle will know she is in season. Of course, you cannot allow them together.

Keep your dog’s ears dry, clean & healthy with this dba N.O.G.C. Pet Powder

Prevent the growth of problem-causing bacteria and fungus

Ideal for dogs with long ears or those exposed to water frequently

Relieve your pet’s irritating ear itch and help prevent bacteria and fungal growth by keeping ear canals dry. Dogs with long ears or those exposed to water frequently can have problems with excess moisture inside the ear. Pet Powder by dba N.O.G.C. will help with keeping the ear dry.  After thoroughly cleaning your pet’s ears, dry them completely. Then, simply take a cotton ball with some of the powder on the ball and wipe on the outside of the ear once or twice a week. Ideal for after-bath use, also.

The powder is also an excellent aid in removing excess hair from the ears. Powder applied to the ear prior to removing the hair makes it easier to grip with a hair puller, less painful to the pet and relieves any irritation that may be caused. 

Pet Powder gives prompt relief from irritated, itching ears of non-parasitic origin. It stops scratching and aids in the inhibition of bacterial growth. Eliminates unpleasant ear odors. For dogs and cats.

This dba N.O.G.C. odorless powder is also soothing and relieves the itching of “hot spots” on animals.  Simple to use, just apply directly to odor source as needed or to “hot spots” as needed.

The Pet Powder by dba N.O.G.C. can be used on very young puppies or nursing mothers and pregnant animals.

How to remove skunk odor – de-skunking dogs, cats, other pets, and humans. Use with N. O. C. ™  (Natures Odor Control™) and dba N.O.G.C. Pet Powder. These are Natures Odor & Germ Control, Inc. Products.

Skunk odor on the animal: Wet animal thoroughly, then apply N.O.C.™ undiluted and work into the coat and leave for an hour. Bathe the animal with additional N.O.C.™ and dba N.O.G.C. Pet Powder in the water. Dry and mist the animal with a fine mist of product and let dry naturally, be sure to use in mouth and ears. If any odor remains you may want to apply dba N.O.G.C. Pet Powder to face, muzzle, and coat.

Dogs breath: Spray N.O.C.™ full strength into animals mouth.

See more information:

Apply liberally to pet and brush into the coat for body odor, flea and tick control at least twice a week.

The dba N.O.G.C. All-Purpose Granule is used on the carpet for problems with fleas and ticks.

 Safety Benefits:

100% natural – Safe around children, pets, and food.

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