“All critters large or small, whether they walk, fly, swim or crawl.
All have odors, some strong or barely at all.
It matters less because this product can eliminate them all.”

Odorless products for odor and stain removal from carpet, hardwood floors, furniture, and cement. N.O.G.C. Pet Odor Elimination Kit has provided the solution to problems like urine odor and stains, blood stains, or stains associated with vomited cat hairballs, since 1985.

 B.O.S.S. ™

Step 1. B.O.S.S.™ Always use N.O.G.C. (B.O.S.S.)™ FIRST! Clean up as much waste as possible then spray B.O.S.S.™ lightly over the affected area. If you have a stain, spray and blot with a damp cloth to remove the stain, then spray B.O.S.S.™ a few squirts at a time and scrub area with a damp cloth until stain is gone. NOT HARMFUL TO YOUR HANDS IN ANY WAY.

Natures Odor Control (N.O.C.)                  

Step 2. Natures Odor Control™
Mix Equal parts N.O.C.™ and water

This is an Example of equal part measurements 1-quart N.O.C.™ to 1 quart of water. In a new handheld sprayer.

CAT PROBLEMS — 1 part of N.O.C.™ to 2 parts warm (not hot) water.
DOG PROBLEMS — 1 part of N.O.C.™ to 5 parts warm (not hot) water.

Thoroughly saturate the area (to reach the subfloor) extending about three times the size of the affected area. Let stand for 45 minutes to one hour.Then shampoo carpet with carpet cleaner as usual and be sure to rinse the area with extra water, then extract as much moisture as possible. Fans in the area always help to dry faster.

 All-Purpose Granules By N.O.G.C.
Step 3. N.O.G.C. All-Purpose Granule
Sprinkle carpet granules generously over the entire area and leave for 4 to 5 days (no longer than 7 days), then vacuum thoroughly. If any odor remains, repeat steps two and three. One 32 oz. jar covers 300 sq. ft. Note: it is important to keep pets from the area until all the granule has been vacuumed up, not because of harm to pet but because the odor will not be totally gone until that time and the pet may re-soil the area. You can always use a basket upside down over the area to keep pets away or position furniture to do the same. One Kit will treat approximately 300 square feet a 10 x 30-foot area.

All products are totally safe around people, pets, and food.

NOTE: Using more product does not make it work better!

Pet Odor Elimination Kit contains:

  • 32 Oz of B.O.S.S.,
  • 32 Oz. of N O C,
  • 32Oz. All-Purpose Granule
  • 8.5 Oz of N.O.G.C. All Natural Pet Powder.