I bought a house which is full of cat odor.

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2. Subject: Question about buying your product
Dear Madam/Sir: I bought a house which is full of cat odor every where even if I already took out all carpet. I searched internet and found your product. The testimonials convince me to try your product. But I don’t know what product I should buy and how much I should buy. The house is about 1500 square feet area .

Thank you for your reply. Jihong
Thank you for your question, We do not have our products in stores. Assuming the carpet is still out, these are the products you would use. you did not tell us, what type of flooring was under the carpet, and if the black spots from the urine were all over or just around the edges. So, we are going to assume the worst.
This is what you would need:
Brand new pump-up garden sprayer to apply the product.
4 gallons of B.O.S.S.
2 gallons of NOC
2 gallons of Germ Doc.
5 All Purpose Granule
I could help more, if I had more information.

The downstairs of my house smells like mildew

It is built on slab, on the down slope of a hill. I was thinking of putting bowls of your All Purpose granules out on a couple of tables, but don’t know which of your products to buy. What do you suggest? Thanks – Chris,

Is your downstairs carpeted? Is the downstairs finished or unfinished? The Germ Doc. is for mold and mildew, We also use other products along with it. Have you had a leak? Or it just does not get enough light? The Odor Crushing Packs are used in basements or downstairs. Read on these products and give me some more information and I can help you more.
Downstairs is both finished and carpeted. It just doesn’t get enough light, and in the winter, we get a lot of moisture, because there is a natural spring just next door. Many thanks for your attention. Chris,
I am sending you some of the pages from the website as attachments. Use the B.O.S.S. and Germ Doc on carpet, and any place else you can smell mildew. As you get rid of some of the odor, you will be able to search out the rest. Use the All Purpose Granule and leave on at least 5 days but no longer than 7 days. I would also recommend the Odor Crushing Packs in the basement, they are good for two years as long as you follow the instructions. They pull odor and moisture. I am here, if you have more questions.

Front-Loading Automatic Washer, but sure wish you could get rid of the odors

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S.W.O.C. Loading Washer Controller

You just love your Front-Loading Automatic Washer, but sure wish you could get rid of the odors that build up in your washer with an odorless products. Are you fed up with laundry smelling like mildew?  Are you tired of musty, moldy or sour odor in dish towels and linens? S.W.O.C. –  Washer Odor Controller products are the solution! You’ll be required to use your nostrils to do the sniff test and smell that your frontload or top loading washing machine is clean and fresh with no cover up smell. Just no odor at all! With all of the water and energy savings that washers provide, they still require special care. Odor-causing residue may form in hard-to-reach areas of washers.  Many times people will notice that their basement or laundry room has become stinky. Often this is caused by their washing machine developing a musty smell. S.W.O.C.™ washer cleaner will get your washing machine clean, so you can enjoy no smell in your laundry area or cellar. It removes odor-causing residue and kills mold and mildew. S.W.O.C.™ cleaner is fast and simple. Open the washer door and remove any clothing or items from the washer. Simply spray inside of the tub a couple of times and pull back the bellow to spray inside of the door seal/bellow, let sit over night. Use a throw away towel and really wipe down and clean all of the black on the gray colored seal. This routine maintenance will keep the inside of your washer sparkling clean and no odor. S.W.O.C.™ is environmentally friendly, safe on septic tanks, and safe for all washer components. For as much time and money is spent trying to remedy this problem, the solution is surprisingly simple: you need to clean your washing machine. While it’s great at cleaning your clothes, detergent fails as cleaning washing machine; and you’ve probably already learned that bleach is no better. Turn to Washer Care in your user manual and follow the special cycle stored within the machine’s programming. Pressing a specific combination of buttons will access this cleaning cycle. This cycle uses higher water volumes to thoroughly clean the inside of your washing machine. DO NOT ADD anything to the machine before or during this cycle. Some Machines will run 45 minutes, and when this process is through, do not be surprise if your machine is full of black mold. The best way to get this out of the tub is with a shop vacuum. Repeat this process every six months or when you do the sniff test. After the cleaning cycle is complete, leave the door open, slightly, to allow for better ventilation and drying of washer interior. Be aware what your manual tells you to use for detergent. If clothes have picked up this musty, mold and mildew odor, you can spray S.W.O.C.™ on them or use our laundry aid 1/4 cup dba N.O.G.C. All Purpose Granule per load to deodorize clothes from such things as gasoline, diesel fuel, pet odors, etc. Life is easier with our products.

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Working with carpet and odors.

Hi: I have an indoor/outdoor carpet that became saturated with water. It is made from a type of plastic. It has dried and there is a definite mildew odor in the room. Can this product be applied to the carpet and take care of the odor successfully? Germ Doc.
Thanks, Chris

Odorless, Disinfectant, Deodorizer, Sanitizer


Chris, yes, the Germ Doc.  can take care of the problem, by spraying it on the indoor/outdoor carpet. If you have a large area, it would be easier to use a pump up garden sprayer to apply the product. It does have to be a brand new sprayer.You did not tell me if this was glued down or not? If it is, I would also use some All Purpose Granule on it after it is dried. Always use fans in an area when you are working with carpet, to have plenty air circulation. I have added two attachments:

Note: it is important to keep pets from area until all the granules have been vacuumed up because the odor will not be totally gone until that time and the pet may re-soil the area. You can always cover the area by using furniture or an upside down basket..
One Pet Odor Elimination Kit will take care of 10 X 10 foot area to
10 X 15 foot area.

Carpet Stains

Sheryl, thank you so, so much for the detailed instructions to clean my carpet stain. It didn’t take long at all for the BOSS to get the stain out. I was so afraid I would have to replace the entire

B.O.S.S. #1 Odor & Stain Stopper

Bacterial Odor & Stain Stopper ™

carpet. Now……let’s hope I have the same good results tomorrow when I work on the grout stains!

Thanks again!