I bought a house which is full of cat odor.

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2. Subject: Question about buying your product
Dear Madam/Sir: I bought a house which is full of cat odor every where even if I already took out all carpet. I searched internet and found your product. The testimonials convince me to try your product. But I don’t know what product I should buy and how much I should buy. The house is about 1500 square feet area .

Thank you for your reply. Jihong
Thank you for your question, We do not have our products in stores. Assuming the carpet is still out, these are the products you would use. you did not tell us, what type of flooring was under the carpet, and if the black spots from the urine were all over or just around the edges. So, we are going to assume the worst.
This is what you would need:
Brand new pump-up garden sprayer to apply the product.
4 gallons of B.O.S.S.
2 gallons of NOC
2 gallons of Germ Doc.
5 All Purpose Granule
I could help more, if I had more information.

Toliet spill occurred in the first floor bathroom


Thank you for a timely response. The spill occurred in the first floor bathroom. No carpet, just linoleum . Bathroom, approximately, 5 X 9 square ft. Is situated over basement. Spill seeped down through floorboards onto basement concrete floor. About a 10 X 10 square ft. area of the concrete floor was wet, or the area directly under the bathroom. Nj is home. This happened months ago. After all I’ve done, the odor still make it’s presence known. I’m still fighting it!!
I’ve tried several products 2 gallons Nilodor Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester, full strength & diluted, applied with 3 gallon pump sprayer, to bathroom floor, basement ceiling & floor area.

This is an old house, I’ve found the bathroom floor is not exactly level. I poured the product on the floor & watched as it dripped down on the basement floor, that is the area where I concentrate spraying to the bathroom floor, basement ceiling & floor area. Hope this helps you to help me!!!

Thank you for your question, Henry,

This is what I would do, if I came to your home on a Contract Job.
I will refer you to pages to read, so you will know why I am recommending these products and you can see why the products you have used did not work.

You are going to have to make things wet again. Is the linoleum in good shape?
Are you ready to remove it, to get to the source of the problem?

I would take the N O C and mix it 2 parts warm water (not hot) to one part
N O C and apply wherever the bad stuff went, the odor is going to get real bad, because it activates the bad stuff. Then your odor will start going down in 45 minutes and continue to go away.

Put fans on the area, until all is completely dried.

Then I would take the Germ Doc and mist all area.





I would be happy to explain the directions on the phone an help you.
In your pages on the product, will tell the square footage a gallon will cover.

Sheryl Jay Lobdell

Have a contract job to do Saturday for skunk under a mobile home.
That will be taken care with the N O C , Germ Doc. And fine powder.