Mold/mildew in my car

My 2001 Chrysler convertible has a strong mold/mildew problem. The odor is very strong, though I can’t seem to locate the source. The car has carpets and leather seats. Neither shows any visible growth. It is possible that the source of the odor is coming from the air conditioner. Will Germ Doc help to eliminate the actual problem, or will it just hide the odor temporarily?
Thanks for your help.Bob.

I would recommend you treat your problem as follows:
When you raise your hood, you will see the vents (intake vents) that bring The fresh air into the air conditioner. With your car running and your air on high, take the Germ Doc. and spray 10 squirts into the vent and wait 2 to 3 minutes, Then spray another 10 squirts. This should kill the mold spores in the ventilation system, thus eliminating the odor. This procedure should be repeated every 3 to 4 months, to prevent the recurrence of this problem in areas with high humidity. If there is still any odor after a few hours of running the ventilation system, then you should treat the interior of the car with the Germ Doc and All Purpose Granule. When you use products that have no odor of their own, you are not covering up odors. You are eliminating odors!