I ordered the Pet Kit which contained:  All Purpose Granules, B.O.S.S. (Bacterial Odor Stain Stopper), N.O.C. (Natures Odor Control), and Pet Powder, following a trial and error dog adoption from the Humane Society.  Our dog had a bad habit of going to the bathroom exclusively on our family-room rug.

We adjusted the dog’s roaming area to stop this behavior, but the odor was unbearable until we used dba N.O.G.C.’s products according to their instructions.  I was amazed at the absence of the horrible pet odor after only one application of these products.  I never had to do a second application for this problem although I was advised to do so.

I can honestly give my wholehearted recommendation of these products and of the excellent customer service provided by dba N.O.G.C.’s knowledgeable staff to anyone in need of odor control.


Susan Yadon