Hi. I had a septic system backup…

1.Subject: Product inquiry

Hi. I had a septic system backup…1st floor toilet overflowed big time on floor (linoleum) and partially on basement wall & floor (concrete). Bathroom floor is part of basement ceiling. I’ve used a variety of products; however, the odor far outlasts any products  effectiveness. The odor wafts throughout the house. Do you have a product to eliminate the odor problem permanently?
Thanks, Walt

Yes, because our products have no odor of their own, not a cover up. B.O.S.S. kills bacteria and you can see it working. Germ Doc.  Is a disinfectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer. We also use N O C Germ Doc™ - Natures Air™ - N.O.C.™ - B.O.S.S.™whenever we are dealing with concrete (anytime you have to penetrate it). Give me more information, as square footage, and I can help you more.

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