Heating a pan of barbecued pork on a burner and got distracted

I was heating a pan of barbecued pork on a burner and got distracted. When I returned, all the liquid had boiled away and putrid white smoke was billowing all around my stove, into cabinets above and beside the stovetop. It’s a nauseating, disgusting smell. We’ve also had a stomach flu in our household, and the smell isn’t helping us get over it! I washed all the glassware in the D. W., glass shelves and insides of the one cupboard, set dishes of baking soda inside with the doors closed and checked the next day Still smells absolutely awful. I opened it to let it air out overnight and I still can’t get the smell out. I haven’t even tackled the cabinet above, which has boxed grocery items, i.e .teabags, crackers, etc. I’m sure I’ll have to throw those things out. My question is, do you (honestly, now) think your Nature’s Air? product will work on this type of smoke odor, or is the smoke odor you talk about from cigarette smoke? I’m thinking I may need to contact my homeowners insurance agent and see if we can make a claim for smoke damage. I can’t live like this. Please advise.Thank you, Melissa

Thank you for your question.
My first question, what type of pan was your food in? Yes, we can get rid of the odor, but I need to ask a few more questions. Is this a cooking odor or a chemical odor? Some times we use two products in a situation like this. What state do you live in? Are you near us in Portland, Oregon? Is there a way to talk to you on the phone? We are in the Pacific Time zone. One good thing, our products have no odor, so you are not covering up the odor. No,you do not have to throw away the food in boxes. If you would be using Germ Doc. in your home you could get well faster. Ask if you have a question. Let me hear from you soon,