Carpet Stains

Sheryl, thank you so, so much for the detailed instructions to clean my carpet stain. It didn’t take long at all for the BOSS to get the stain out. I was so afraid I would have to replace the entire

B.O.S.S. #1 Odor & Stain Stopper

Bacterial Odor & Stain Stopper ™

carpet. Now……let’s hope I have the same good results tomorrow when I work on the grout stains!

Thanks again!


Critter Litter Supplement

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Mold/Mildew problems in wood and mattresses

My Story: My son room was a very dark, cool, moist room where we had a lot of mold/mildew problems. His room has since been completely gutted, no more carpet, new walls, ceiling, floors, insulation, etc. in hopes that we have fixed the cause of the problem. However, in the process, the wooden bunk beds and mattresses seem to have absorbed the horrible odor of mold or mildew (even though there are no obvious signs of growth). I really do hope that I could save this furniture but if I can’t get rid of that lingering smell I can’t see chancing it. (My son has asthma and I would not be able to subject him to this.) After reading about your products I was hoping I could spray the wooden bed frames and underside of mattresses with the Germ Doc.  Is this product safe for wood and fibers and is this the right choice?

Odorless, Disinfectant, Deodorizer, Sanitizer


Thank you for your consideration, Of course it means everything to me to eliminate this problem!  Renee.
Yes, you can save this furniture.You would spray Germ Doc  on the furniture and wait 10 minutes. Then with a soft cloth that has had Germ Doc sprayed on it, wipe all down. The second thing to do for the mattresses, take the All Purpose Granules and sprinkle (heavy) on the mattress. If you need to, you can put the mattress cover and sheets over this. You want to leave this on the mattress for 6 days. Now, turn the mattress over and do the other side. The All Purpose Granule is going to pull the odor, etc., out of the inside material. Our Odor Crushing Packs would be good in his room for picking up the new construction odors and chemical smells.

AllPurpose Granule

All Purpose Granule

Hi. I had a septic system backup…

1.Subject: Product inquiry

Hi. I had a septic system backup…1st floor toilet overflowed big time on floor (linoleum) and partially on basement wall & floor (concrete). Bathroom floor is part of basement ceiling. I’ve used a variety of products; however, the odor far outlasts any products  effectiveness. The odor wafts throughout the house. Do you have a product to eliminate the odor problem permanently?
Thanks, Walt

Yes, because our products have no odor of their own, not a cover up. B.O.S.S. kills bacteria and you can see it working. Germ Doc.  Is a disinfectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer. We also use N O C Germ Doc™ - Natures Air™ - N.O.C.™ - B.O.S.S.™whenever we are dealing with concrete (anytime you have to penetrate it). Give me more information, as square footage, and I can help you more.

See Solutions at

Heating a pan of barbecued pork on a burner and got distracted

I was heating a pan of barbecued pork on a burner and got distracted. When I returned, all the liquid had boiled away and putrid white smoke was billowing all around my stove, into cabinets above and beside the stovetop. It’s a nauseating, disgusting smell. We’ve also had a stomach flu in our household, and the smell isn’t helping us get over it! I washed all the glassware in the D. W., glass shelves and insides of the one cupboard, set dishes of baking soda inside with the doors closed and checked the next day Still smells absolutely awful. I opened it to let it air out overnight and I still can’t get the smell out. I haven’t even tackled the cabinet above, which has boxed grocery items, i.e .teabags, crackers, etc. I’m sure I’ll have to throw those things out. My question is, do you (honestly, now) think your Nature’s Air? product will work on this type of smoke odor, or is the smoke odor you talk about from cigarette smoke? I’m thinking I may need to contact my homeowners insurance agent and see if we can make a claim for smoke damage. I can’t live like this. Please advise.Thank you, Melissa

Thank you for your question.
My first question, what type of pan was your food in? Yes, we can get rid of the odor, but I need to ask a few more questions. Is this a cooking odor or a chemical odor? Some times we use two products in a situation like this. What state do you live in? Are you near us in Portland, Oregon? Is there a way to talk to you on the phone? We are in the Pacific Time zone. One good thing, our products have no odor, so you are not covering up the odor. No,you do not have to throw away the food in boxes. If you would be using Germ Doc. in your home you could get well faster. Ask if you have a question. Let me hear from you soon,

Natural Organic Foot Powder


dba NOGC Foot Powder

Natural Organic Foot Powder

Foot Care for Smelly Tired Aching Feet 

dba NOGC  Foot Powder is an all natural way to rid your feet of unwanted odor. The powder can be put in your shoes or on your feet.  Foot odor is usually caused by bacteria, and the only way to really get rid of it, is to get rid of the bacteria. An even better strategy is to prevent the bacteria from growing in the first place.

dba NOGC Foot Powder has no odor of its own. It doesn’t mask, perfume, or cover up the odor, it just eliminates it! Our powder adsorbs moisture, bacteria and odor which help to prevent athlete’s foot fungus.

Just open the bottle, sprinkle lightly into your shoes when you take them off at night. Leave the foot powder in your shoes until morning, shake out excess if you care to and your feet will stay dry all day and odor free. It is nice to have two pair of shoes and you can alternate your shoes, and not wear the same pair every day.


dba NOGC Foot Powder is excellent for use in athletic shoes, including, but not limited to:             portfolio-Pet-Powder                               

Ø hockey skates

Ø golf shoes

Ø running shoes

Ø roller blades

Ø hiking boots

Ø cowboy boots

Ø Etc.


Works great in motorcycle helmets, skin diving suits, work gloves, police vests, hockey gloves, football gear, etc. The powder is a must for the avid sportsman and fisherman.

dba NOGC Foot Powder may be used directly on your feet. Excellent for runners and joggers as it absorbs moisture which causes bacteria to grow causing offensive odor. If you care to you can put the powder into the toes of your socks to help keep your feet dry and discourage the growth of bacteria. The powder can be used all over the body, and is real soft.

 Foot Powder has allowed many people to enjoy taking off their shoes, once again, without worrying about offensive foot odor. It is so nice to stop  embarrassing odor and help prevent moisture related problems. Freedom to take your shoes off in public is just a sprinkle away!

dba NOGC Foot Powder is part of our special blend zeolite which is a natural mineral (100% Natural Zeolite Minerals), which have high ion exhcange capacity to trap and eliminate odors like a magnet. It is ground to a fine powder and need only be used sparingly. It is safe for children as well as adults. dba N.O.G.C., Inc. zeolites are superior to all other natural zeolites currently on the market for odor control.

For a real good treat try a soothing foot bath:
Add 3 to 5 tablespoons of NOGC Foot Powder to a basin of warm water and soak you feet for 5 to 15 minutes.
When you are through with your foot bath you will have happy feet and they will make you smile!

If you have a very serious sweating problem (called hyperhydrosis) or a very serious foot odor problem (called bromohydrosis)  two very common and annoying conditions of the feet. You will really love our Foot Powder!

Directions for athletes foot care:

*      Wash all socks in the washing machine with 1/4 cup foot powder.

*      Soak feet in foot bath for fifteen minutes for three to five days.

*      Add our foot powder to shoes every day for the first week, then 3 times a week, as needed.

This will also take care of stinky shoes and tired aching feet.

You will never need a different foot care product again after you try our NOGC Foot Powder.

Feet smell for two reasons: you wear shoes and your feet sweat. The interaction between your perspiration and the bacteria that thrive in your shoes and socks generates the odor. Therefore, any attempt to reduce foot odor has to address both your sweating and your footwear.

N O G C , Inc. Celebrates 30+ years in business

sanitize, deodorize your home, kennel, automobile, camper or anywhere you spend time, along with helping you keep your pets odor free.

Products are odorless and they work.

July 23, 2015   31 years

N O G C, Inc. celebrates 31 years in business in 2015.  Natures Odor & Germ Control, Inc/  N.O.G.C. would like to express our sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty. We are deeply thankful and extend our thanks to all our customers and friends.  See all products at

Skunk, Cat, RV, Your total water treatment system


N.O.C.™  liquid effectively controls bacterial odors in areas such as marine head and bilges, grease traps, RV total water treatment, skunk odor, dog run and kennels, contained animal houses, septic systems, and even down to the dog’s bad breath. See Q & A for more usage.

Step 2. N.O.C. ™ (Natures Odor Control™)
Equal parts Mix N.O.C. ™ at a rate of 1 part of N.O.C. ™ to:

Example 1 quart to 1 quart water. In a new hand held sprayer.
CAT PROBLEMS — 2 parts warm (not hot) water.
DOG PROBLEMS — 5 parts warm (not hot) water.
Thoroughly saturate the area (to reach the sub floor) extending about three times the size of the affected area. Let stand for 45 minutes to one hour. Then shampoo carpet with carpet cleaner as usual and be sure to rinse the area with extra water, then extract as much moisture as possible. Fans in the area always help to dry faster.

Subject: N.O.C.™ expiring?
Hi Sheryl, I bought a gallon of N.O.C.™  two years ago and opened it up to use it today and it didn’t foam at all when I sprayed it on urine stains in my concrete.
I’m wondering if (unmixed) it has a shelf life? Please let me know. Mike
N.O.C.™  does not foam. Go to the website and check out more information under Purchase Products. B.O.S.S.™ is the product that foams, and you always use B.O.S.S.™ first with urine problems. Then N.O.C.™ When it is not mixed up, it will last a long time.
I was using N.O.C.™  on concrete. Do I need to use B.O.S.S.™ first on concrete too?
Was this a dog or cat problem?
a cat problem
Mike, we always use B.O.S.S.™ first when it is a cat problem, and mix the N.O.C.™  2 parts warm water (not HOT) to N.O.C.™  That is equal parts. I am sending you a sheet on the N.O.C.™  attachment.

Skunks and Farms




I have used your products for years. It continues
to do the job. We have a lot of skunks that invade
our old farm buildings where we raise sheep. My 
working dogs, especially the young ones, always 
run smack with those black and white critters. I 
have never found anything that works as well as
N O C and Pet Powder to take the sting from their
faces and the smell from everything.
Thanks for a good product.

Mist O Morn Farm,

Canby, Oregon

Remove Stains and Odors

Edlyn Labrador Retrievers

Dear NOGC, I must say–I was a little hesitant again hearing of a product that would remove stains and odor. I gave it a whirl–I tried everything! Natures’

sanitize, deodorize your home, kennel, automobile, camper or anywhere you spend time, along with helping you keep your pets odor free.

Products are odorless and they work.

Miracle, home remedies, the store brand name products– EVERYTHING. I heard of this product at a dog seminar and was amazed when I took it home to use. Everything disappeared AND there was NO ODOR! If this product cost me $1000 I would still buy it as it has been the only thing to EVER WORK!

Thanks NOGC!

Erin Webster                 robinhead                                                      

The prior tenants’ children used their closet as a toilet….

Hi! We just moved into an apartment and it seems the prior tenants’ children
used their closet as a toilet….bad urine smell. We’ve used a variety of cleaners that seem to surface clean, but as soon as they dry, the carpet smells again. Do you have anything that will work its way down into the carpet padding? Thanks, Kim

Yes, we do, Kim. Pet Odor Elimination Kit
Go to the left menu and check out The Pet Odor Elimination Kit
The three step instructions are here. Carpet – Padding and sub flooring.
We are here to help, if you have more questions.