Critter Litter Supplement

Safe and effective for all pets

Critter Litter Supplement can be used to eliminate odors caused by pet urine or feces. Safe and effective for all pets, even birds, snakes, spiders. All of God’s pets love Critter Litter Supplement

Critter Litter Additive

Critter Litter

because the product is made from natural ingredients which feels to the animal like natural clean dirt and rock, not a synthetic.

Recommended use: For cat box, use 1/2 cup Critter Litter mixed in with regular litter for an odor free box.

Approximately 32 applications in 8 pounds. For best result put Critter Litter in bottom of box, and litter on top. If you use the scoop away, just add Critter Litter when you add more litter. For bird cages, use 1/4 cup Critter Litter in a cage for odor control, plus product provides grit for birds.

For other critters use full strength in cages or pens.