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Carpet Stains

Sheryl, thank you so, so much for the detailed instructions to clean my carpet stain. It didn’t take long at all for the BOSS to get the stain out. I was so afraid I would have to replace the entire carpet. Now……let’s hope I have the same good results tomorrow when I work on the […]

Critter Litter Supplement

Safe and effective for all pets Critter Litter Supplement can be used to eliminate odors caused by pet urine or feces. Safe and effective for all pets, even birds, snakes, spiders. All of God’s pets love Critter Litter Supplement because the product is made from natural ingredients which feels to the animal like natural clean […]

Mold/Mildew problems in wood and mattresses

My Story: My son room was a very dark, cool, moist room where we had a lot of mold/mildew problems. His room has since been completely gutted, no more carpet, new walls, ceiling, floors, insulation, etc. in hopes that we have fixed the cause of the problem. However, in the process, the wooden bunk beds […]

Hi. I had a septic system backup…

SOLUTIONS: 1.Subject: Product inquiry Hi. I had a septic system backup…1st floor toilet overflowed big time on floor (linoleum) and partially on basement wall & floor (concrete). Bathroom floor is part of basement ceiling. I’ve used a variety of products; however, the odor far outlasts any products  effectiveness. The odor wafts throughout the house. Do […]

Natural Organic Foot Powder

  dba NOGC Foot Powder Natural Organic Foot Powder Foot Care for Smelly Tired Aching Feet  dba NOGC  Foot Powder is an all natural way to rid your feet of unwanted odor. The powder can be put in your shoes or on your feet.  Foot odor is usually caused by bacteria, and the only way […]

Skunk, Cat, RV, Your total water treatment system

  N.O.C.™  liquid effectively controls bacterial odors in areas such as marine head and bilges, grease traps, RV total water treatment, skunk odor, dog run and kennels, contained animal houses, septic systems, and even down to the dog’s bad breath. See Q & A for more usage. Step 2. N.O.C. ™ (Natures Odor Control™) Equal parts Mix N.O.C. […]

Skunks and Farms

  Comments:   I have used your products for years. It continues to do the job. We have a lot of skunks that invade our old farm buildings where we raise sheep. My working dogs, especially the young ones, always run smack with those black and white critters. I have never found anything that works […]

Remove Stains and Odors

Edlyn Labrador Retrievers Dear NOGC, I must say–I was a little hesitant again hearing of a product that would remove stains and odor. I gave it a whirl–I tried everything! Natures’ Miracle, home remedies, the store brand name products– EVERYTHING. I heard of this product at a dog seminar and was amazed when I took […]