Working with carpet and odors.

Hi: I have an indoor/outdoor carpet that became saturated with water. It is made from a type of plastic. It has dried and there is a definite mildew odor in the room. Can this product be applied to the carpet and take care of the odor successfully? Germ Doc.
Thanks, Chris

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Chris, yes, the Germ Doc.  can take care of the problem, by spraying it on the indoor/outdoor carpet. If you have a large area, it would be easier to use a pump up garden sprayer to apply the product. It does have to be a brand new sprayer.You did not tell me if this was glued down or not? If it is, I would also use some All Purpose Granule on it after it is dried. Always use fans in an area when you are working with carpet, to have plenty air circulation. I have added two attachments:

Note: it is important to keep pets from area until all the granules have been vacuumed up because the odor will not be totally gone until that time and the pet may re-soil the area. You can always cover the area by using furniture or an upside down basket..
One Pet Odor Elimination Kit will take care of 10 X 10 foot area to
10 X 15 foot area.