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Natures Odor Control (N.O.C.)

Thanks for getting this to us as soon as possible.  I was so surprised to hear from you on Sunday.  I have been a long-time user of  dba N.O.G.C. products.  First saw you in Portland at a big show and remember you drank some of NOC to show us it was safe to use!  I live out of Canby on a 20 acre farm and my main invaders are skunks.  I raise purebred Border Leicester sheep so therefore have plenty of grain, cats to keep the rats and mice away and Border Collie dogs to work the sheep.     The skunks usually come around to eat with the barn cats.   We have had several that were quite friendly if the dogs don’t take a run for them.  Unfortunately every young dog seems to have to give them a push the first time they see them.  It only takes once for most Border Collies and then they are just one of the cats!  I have used your product for this for so long and am so pleased.  The neighbors dog got skunked a couple of days ago.  One of the youngsters from the barn went strolling through her yard.  Her dogs aren’t as smart as the Border Collies…..they have been skunked down at least three times and never seem to learn.  I used the last of my pint to clean a face or two so needed a replacement.  I also keep six Border Collies in the house with me so use it to clean up anything the dogs might drop on the floor.  Thanks so much for your great product.  Di Waibel, Mist O Morn Farm, www.mistomornfarm.com Canby, Oregon


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