The downstairs of my house smells like mildew

It is built on slab, on the down slope of a hill. I was thinking of putting bowls of your All Purpose granules out on a couple of tables, but don’t know which of your products to buy. What do you suggest? Thanks – Chris,

Is your downstairs carpeted? Is the downstairs finished or unfinished? The Germ Doc. is for mold and mildew, We also use other products along with it. Have you had a leak? Or it just does not get enough light? The Odor Crushing Packs are used in basements or downstairs. Read on these products and give me some more information and I can help you more.
Downstairs is both finished and carpeted. It just doesn’t get enough light, and in the winter, we get a lot of moisture, because there is a natural spring just next door. Many thanks for your attention. Chris,
I am sending you some of the pages from the website as attachments. Use the B.O.S.S. and Germ Doc on carpet, and any place else you can smell mildew. As you get rid of some of the odor, you will be able to search out the rest. Use the All Purpose Granule and leave on at least 5 days but no longer than 7 days. I would also recommend the Odor Crushing Packs in the basement, they are good for two years as long as you follow the instructions. They pull odor and moisture. I am here, if you have more questions.