Remove Stains and Odors

Edlyn Labrador Retrievers

Dear NOGC, I must say–I was a little hesitant again hearing of a product that would remove stains and odor. I gave it a whirl–I tried everything! Natures’

sanitize, deodorize your home, kennel, automobile, camper or anywhere you spend time, along with helping you keep your pets odor free.

Products are odorless and they work.

Miracle, home remedies, the store brand name products– EVERYTHING. I heard of this product at a dog seminar and was amazed when I took it home to use. Everything disappeared AND there was NO ODOR! If this product cost me $1000 I would still buy it as it has been the only thing to EVER WORK!

Thanks NOGC!

Erin Webster                 robinhead                                                      

The prior tenants’ children used their closet as a toilet….

Hi! We just moved into an apartment and it seems the prior tenants’ children
used their closet as a toilet….bad urine smell. We’ve used a variety of cleaners that seem to surface clean, but as soon as they dry, the carpet smells again. Do you have anything that will work its way down into the carpet padding? Thanks, Kim

Yes, we do, Kim. Pet Odor Elimination Kit
Go to the left menu and check out The Pet Odor Elimination Kit
The three step instructions are here. Carpet – Padding and sub flooring.
We are here to help, if you have more questions.