Vicki Bordonski – Urine and Stains in carpet

Dear N.O.G.C.:

I have been using Natures Odor and Germ Control for over four years now and I think your products are just wonderful.

After moving to our home in Longview with brand new carpet in it, I started noticing a bad odor coming from the kids’ bedroom. By this time I had a real big problem. My youngest one would sleep walk and was urinating in the bedroom, not in one spot but different ones each time. By this time not only was it smelling but the carpet had stains also. After trying many different methods to try to get rid of the smell and stains and nothing was working; I thought the carpet might need to be replaced; my husband didn’t like the sound of that.

The kids and I were at the Clark County Fair, we go every year, and we came across this both in the commercial building that sold N.O.G.C. products. These people showed me some things the products could do and I knew if it worked at home as well as it worked there this would make me really happy. I’m so pleased to say the stains and the smell are gone. I’m so thankful for N.O.G.C. products. My son stopped sleepwalking after a lot of prayer and patience and I thank the Lord for that.

I’m now using the refrigerator packs and they work great too.

Thank You!

Vicki Bordonski

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