Pat Hastings – ODOR CRUSHING / Household Pack in the room with a whelping box, All-Purpose Granules in the carpet, Pet Powder down the rear of a bitch in season.



I have never found anything that is as effective in eliminating dog odors as N.O.G.C., / Natures Odor & Germ Control”.

A bag of the “ODOR CRUSHING PACKS / Household Pack”, hung in the room with a whelping box and a new litter of puppies removes almost all of the odor of the litter.




The “All-Purpose Granules”, sprinkled throughout the carpeting in the home, left for a day or two and then vacuumed, eliminates almost all of the doggy odor from the house.

AllPurpose Granule

All-Purpose Granule







Sprinkle the “Pet Powder” down the rear of a bitch in season, and not even the other dogs in the house or in the vehicle will know she is in season.      





(Of course, you can not allow them together)

I know it sounds too good to be true, but believe me, it really works.

Pat Hastings
AKC Judge

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