Cascade Park Apartments – Pet Odor and Mold – Never seal the floors or walls.

TO: Ron Lobdell, Natures Odor & Germ Control

FROM: Judy Parsons

DATE: 5 January
SUBJECT: Pet Odor Elimination Extraordinaire
My husband and I manage apartments and have done so for 20 years. We have had our share of “problem” odors but none worse than we recently endured.

One of our residents decided that they would move in, in addition to their cats, an older inform dog. Then, without advising management and against their rental agreement, they brought in a puppy.

Both of the adults were gone most of each day and the “pets” were alone to fend for themselves. These residents lived in their apartment for little more than a year. When they moved out, it became very obvious to us that they were not responsible pet owners because the pets had used all the rooms with carpeting as their “backyard”. The smell was so strong that you could not enter the apartment without a ventilated mask. The subfloor was pressboard and it was saturated with urine and pet feces odor.

Ron from Nature’s Odor & Germ was consulted and he promised he could take the odors out with his many “tricks”. I might mention that Ron was also able to eliminate a moldy smell in another apartment a month earlier so I had a degree of confidence in his claim. I was still slightly skeptical and had visions of ripping up the entire floor and replacing it. Guess what, with due diligence (approximately 3 weeks), and $250 in products the smell was gone and we were able to lay down new carpet without covering up any lingering pet odors and re-rent the apartment.

We have, on other occasions, spent $900 to save a carpet that had pet damage to no avail and eventually had to rip up the carpet, seal the floor (a no-no Ron says-it seals odors in) before we could install new carpet. I would highly recommend Ron Lobdell and Nature’s Odor & Germ products to anyone. Ron is also a pleasure to work with.

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