Mary Gonzalez – The Skunk Challenges

Last spring my Giant Schnauzer, max found a skunk in our rural backyard. The resulting condition of Max was quite revolting.

As I have previously used Natures Odor & Germ Control products, I called Sheryl & Ron for advice. They advised me to Wet Max Thoroughly, then apply Natures Odor Control (N.O.C.™) full strength and work into his coat and leave for an hour or so. Bathe him with additional Natures Odor Control (N.O.C.™) and All Purpose foot powder. Dry him, and mist Max with a fine mist of Natures Odor Control (N.O.C.™) and leave.

I used their products per their instructions on Max which eliminated the skunk odor 99%. You could only faintly smell an odor if you put your nose in his bear. The bathroom that Max was initially bathed in had a tremendous odor also. The Natures Odor & Germ Control products also removed the odor from the bathroom.


Mary Gonzalez
Aurora Giants

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