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Dear Sir,

I saw your product for sale at the home show in Portland several years and remembered it but not purchased any.

When a tenant in a rental house began complaining of a bad smell coming from a closet I investigated and found a bad odor but no apparent cause. I had the carpet cleaned but it didn’t help. Close investigation revealed that the smell was coming from the wall. I opened the wall and found mice and mice filth in the wall it was bad. I cleaned it and painted it with sealer and repaired the sheetrock. The smell was still present.

My wife remembered your product and we bought your product. I poked a hole in the wall and sprayed a generous portion in the wall with a vacuum cleaner hose reversed on my shop vacuum. The smell went away almost at once. I repaired the hole and it has not returned.

The same thing happened again in another place in a different house. This time I just made a small hole and sprayed your product in and repaired the hole.

No more bad smell.

Thank you very much

Art Wagner
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The odor was horrible!

Your product worked like a miracle!!

Pat Wagner
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