No Odor in Truck – Ferret Odors, All Purpose Pet Powder on Hundi and All Purpose Carpet Granules in his cage

I drive a truck for a living cross country and am away for three months or longer at a time. I have a ferret named Hundi, he gets bathes on a regular basis even in truck stops when I shower. I use the Pet Powder on him and in his hanging bed to keep the smell down on him. I use the Carpet Granule in his cage to also keep the smell down and to pick up moisture when he gets mad and spills his water in his cage. The Household Packs works really well by just laying them on the top of the cage. The products work very well, even to the point that people who come in the truck did not know that I have an animal in the truck.


Eric Linson

Hundi the Ferret

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