Septic Systems: Flush 1 quart of N.O.C. into any drain leading to the septic tank. Add 1 pint one week later. Then add 1 cup each month for preventative maintenance.

½ lb. ATZ-5 Enzymes

Used for manure pits & septic tanks.

“Seeds” pits and tanks that are low in biological activity due to disinfectants, antibiotics and other bacteria-inhibiting compounds.
For best results, use as a pretreatment to using NOC.

For each 1,000 sq.ft. of surface area, mix ½ lb. of ATZ-5 in at least 5 gallons of warm water for two minutes. Pour uniformly over pit surface. Add NOC at the recommended rate.

Mix ½ lb. of ATZ-5 in 1 gallon of warm water for two minutes. Pour into commode and sinks, flush or rinse repeatedly to wash ATZ-5 into the system. Add NOC at the recommended rate.

CAUTION: Avoid direct contact with skin and direct inhalation of dust. In event of skin contact, wash with soap and water. Chlorine products may reduce the effectiveness of ATZ-5. Store ATZ- 5 in dry, sealed containers. Keep below 110° F and above 32° F.

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