All outdoor enthusiasts, but especially hunters, anglers, and wild game photographers will benefit from the remarkable qualities of Hunters Edge®. Relieves itching & stinging from insects & plants. Removes fish and bait smells from hands. Eliminates soap smells from clothing. Absorb Body Odors. Repels insects. Absorbs Perspiration. Takes Out Skunk Odor. Takes Human Smells out of footwear. Eliminates fleas, tick and other insects. I want to welcome you to the Hunters Edge® official web site. My name is Ron Lobdell and I have spent years researching and developing the absolutely most realistic odorless scent control and insect repellant on the market. Please enjoy our stories and pictures. Be sure to summit your hunting story and experience with Hunters Edge®  The product is much finer than ever, which makes it stick to the body and clothing much better. It also is great for testing wind direction, which makes it more versatile. HUNTERS EDGE® is not just a cover up product. It truly eliminates odors. The powder is odorless, non-toxic, and safe on any surface. Hunters Edge®® powder eliminates all trace of human scent in the field. It’s like being invisible! Nature has the answer, not chemicals.