B.O.S.S.™ AND Germ Doc. ™

B.O.S.S. ™ and Germ Doc. ™
Mold and Mildew: Use B.O.S.S. ™ as your cleaner and Germ Doc. ™ to inhibit the regrowth of mold, mildew and the odors caused by them. Always use B.O.S.S. ™ first and allow 30 minutes before using Germ Doc. ™
Mold and Mildew in Carpet: This is a three-step process: Use B.O.S.S. ™, Germ Doc ™, and All Purpose Granule. Spray B.O.S.S. ™ on carpet and wait 30 minutes. Spray Germ Doc. ™ on carpet until very wet; wait 45 minutes, then clean carpet as usual. Dry very fast with fans. Sprinkle All Purpose Granule on carpet and leave for minimum twenty four hours and no longer than three days before vacuuming. One jar will take care of 300 sq. feet.